Packing Tips

One of the best ways to ensure that the goods that need to be packed and moved to the new place face no additional damage is to pack them properly. A high quality packaging would ensure that the goods stay safe during the transit. At Gati Home Movers and Packers pvt. ltd, we offer end to end services, which means we will come and our experts will help you pack the items in the best way possible.

Still, here are a few tips while you are packing:

  • Double bubble wraps goods that are breakable.
  • Mark the boxes that contain the fragile items with bold “FRAGILE” on all sides.
  • Pack only 2 or 3 lampshades per box
  • Use white paper instead of newspapers while packing individual items, as the newspapers are prone to get torn in the process of transit.
  • Pack clothes by using hangers, or even better, pack individual drawers with the clothes inside so that the clothes remain proper.
  • Do not pack the clothes in garment bags, these bags do not endure the pressure of transit.
  • If transporting refrigerator, close the contact with electricity few days in advance. Ensure that it is completely dry before packing.
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