Transport Insurance

We have been in the packing and moving business since years, and our maximum efforts are towards ensuring the safety and security of the goods of our customer, but sometimes due to factors that are not controlled by us, accidents do happen. Which is why we offer Transport Insurance Services to all our clients, so that even if your goods get damaged, you at least have monetary compensation.

The reason for offering the Transport Insurance Services is that we wish that our clients are 100% satisfied with our services. Even if there is an accident or a natural calamity, they would not lose everything. All our service offerings are in place to ensure that our clients have a safe and a worry free experience.

Our Transport Insurance Services is offered to both domestic and international shipments. We handle all the paperwork and the formalities, and ensure that all the regularities are fulfilled, leaving you with only worry free moving experience. The goods that are insured have been insured from the time it leaves your doorstep till the time it reaches its destination.

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