Gatii India


Warehousing Services is given by Gati Home Movers and Packers for multiple types of firms. Wishing to stash your excess stock for a while or an online retailer wishing for a place to stock their goods, or even a company wishing to store their raw stuff and finished goods for a while.
One of the major advantages of using our Warehousing Services is that it would convert your fixed costs into fickle costs. If you had to acquire the cost of producing a state of the warehouse, you might have to acquire a lot of primary investment. But by hiring us, you would just need to pay for the space you use, for the time that you use.
We work with all kinds of Warehousing Services required, from short term to long term and low turnover to high turnover ratio of the goods. Whatever your demand, feel free to give us a call, we will be glad to tailor-make our services exactly as per your requirement.